Kitty Kurtis Inc.
Tecumseh, MI
Harrison, MI


Kitty Kurtis is a family owned farm founded by Curtis M. Brown in June 1948, it's now owned and operated by his descendants. Kitty Kurtis specializes in agricultural crops and cattle (beef & club calves), it also manages houses for lease, rental ground for hunting and produces some Christmas trees.

Curtis Morris Brown (1902-1970) started building Kitty Kurtis in the early 1940's after doing business and engineering work with the Tecumseh Products corporation. The farm was originally Meadowridge dairy farm, a well-known dairy producer in Tecumseh MI and over the years has also manufactured different products.

Today, descendants four generations after Curtis Brown are alive and his extended family own and operate the farm.

Curtis M. Brown bio
1900-1960 Ford Ranch
1950 Meadowridge dairy farm
1963 sale
2005 MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program)

Locations / Contacts

Tecumseh, MI:

Harrison, MI:

Club Calves

For Club Calf information please contact Ken Brown (Harrison MI) or Curt Brown (Tecumseh MI).
Click here to see images of the current years club calf stock or past year winners.
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